Category: Y Byddwn

Summer at Y Byddwn

July and August at Y Byddwn revolved mostly around family parties of birds although the highlight on August 20th involved a moth trapping evening with …

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June at Y Byddwn

Despite many May and early June days being breezy and often with chilly nights, there were a lot of successes form the birds on the …

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April at Y Byddwn

April at Y Byddwn has been all about birds and nest building. Many of these species are regular residents. Blackbird, Blue Tit, Great Tit, Chaffinch, …

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The pond at Y Byddwn

January at Y Byddwn

Aside from working on Y Byddwn, a local Farmer has allowed me to coppice very tall and shade forming hazel along a 200 metre stretch …

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Cercopis vulnerata

December at Y Byddwn

I took over management of Y Byddwn Nature Reserve in October 2016 and being a small reserve, hardly larger then 4 tennis courts, I immediately …

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