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Boat Trips with Pembrokeshire Bird & Mid Pembrokeshire Groups

Lyndon Lomax is a member of one of the Local Groups and organises regular boat trips for people to experience our local marine wildlife. All

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Help us Collect Marine Data

We are looking for citizen scientists to help collect marine megafauna sightings! Are you heading out to sea or for a coastal walk during August

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Dolphins Attack on Harbour Porpoise remains a mystery!

The Wildlife Trust Cardigan Bay Marine Wildlife Centre marine team were on a  four hour dolphin survey with Dolphin Survey Boat Trips when they witnessed

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We’ve Got a Nature Reserve For You

For the waterfall seekers For the birders and twitchers For the reptile ramblers For the tree huggers and flower sniffers For the photo snappers For

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Limpets at Frenchman’s Steps, Pembrokeshire

Limpets by Lara Howe John Archer-Thomson was studying limpets in Pembrokeshire before the Sea Empress grounded in 1996. Here he tells the story of his

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The Sea Empress: twenty years on

Dyfed Wildlife Trust Magazine cover, August 1996 Many of our readers and members will remember the fateful date of 15 February 1996. The Sea Empress,

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Cardigan Bay Marine Wildlife Centre’s ShoreFin Project Report 2015

ShoreFin is our dedicated land-based bottlenose dolphin photo-ID project. Since 2005 CBMWC researchers have been photographing bottlenose dolphin dorsal fins as part of our ongoing

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Proposed New Marine Protected Areas Could Help Protect Wildlife in Wales

On 19 January 2016, Natural Resources Wales (NRW) launched a consultation on proposals to create six new Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) in Welsh seas. Our

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Queen scallop by Amy Lewis

Time For Action – Save Our Seabed

Queen scallop by Amy Lewis Welsh Scallop fishery consultation The Welsh Government had suspended the consultation due to technical glitches with the online form. This

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Dolphin by Milly Metcalfe

Perfect Christmas Gifts

Cardigan Bay bottlenose dolphin Adopt a Cardigan Bay Dolphin Or a Dolphin survey Boat Trip Gift Voucher Looking for something different to buy your loved ones

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Common Blenny by Jack Perks

Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon Gets The Green Light

The Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales has been engaged with these proposals throughout the planning process. Common Blenny by Jack PerksOur biggest concerns

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Common dolphins by Eleanor Stone

An unexpected visitor

Since early January the marine team at the Cardigan Bay Marine Wildlife Centre (CBMWC) have been monitoring an unusual occurrence in New Quay Bay. The

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