Skokholm Reports

Skokholm-Storm-Petrel-by-Dave-BoyleSkokholm Island has inspired generations of naturalists; it’s wild beauty has a magical draw.

We have been working on the island for many years now, volunteers and staff have drawn together phenomenal amounts of data, just some of our work is detailed in the reports below.

Skokholm Seabird Report 2017 (5MB)

Skokholm Island Annual Report 2016 (20MB)

Skokholm Seabird Report 2016 (6MB)

Skokholm Island Annual Report 2015 (19MB)

Skokholm Seabird Report 2015 (5MB)

Skokholm Annual Report 2014 (15 Mb)

Skokholm Seabird Report 2014 (5.25 Mb)

Skokholm Annual Report 2013 (13.2 Mb)

Skokholm Seabird Report 2013 (3.2 Mb)

Skokholm Annual Report 2012 (1.5 Mb)

Skokholm Annual Report 2010 (0.5 Mb)

Our work on the island requires huge amounts of time from volunteers, researchers and staff.

Our reports are available free of charge but if you are able please consider donating to support this work. Thank you.