Explorer Backpacks at the Welsh Wildlife Centre

The Explorer Backpacks store a treasure trove of games and activities to play along the nature trails, packed with fun ways to learn about wildlife and get creative for both adults and children. Recognising that we all engage with the world differently, the Welsh Wildlife Centre is developing ways for us all to find and make our own special connection with the natural word, whether it is through play, exploration, creativity or reflection.

An Explorer Backpack is an important feature, incorporating unusual sensory games & activities, originally devised by the Californian pioneering nature educator Joseph Cornell.

“We want visitors not only to immerse themselves in the beauty and tranquility of the Nature Reserve, but also get a real sense of the drama going on inside it too” said Sarah Kessell, (Chief Executive of the Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales)

Explorer Backpacks cost £3.50 to hire for the day, with a £20.00 deposit, refundable on the return of the backpack.