Author and Photographer’s Wildlife Talk



David Bailey is a wildlife photographer and author who, over the past year, has been working with us on our Welsh Beaver Project to bring European Beavers (Castor fiber) back into Wales where they rightly belong.

Beavers have been exctinct in Wales for around 600 years due to hunting. A successful reintroduction of these beautiful creatures took place in Scotland and we would like to replicate this in Wales. There are a substancial amount of benefits to having Beavers as part of our ecosystem. Many of the negative thoughts sourrounding a reintroduction of Beavers are myths. An example of this would be that they'll deplete thriving fishing grounds - but don't worry, Beaver's don't eat fish.

On Sunday 9th December, David will be giving a wildlife talk at Llangorse Multi Activity Centre to help raise money for our Welsh Beaver Project. The proceeds from ticket sales will go to the project.

Tickets are £10 and include a light lunch. Limited tickets are available and booking is required. Please contact Llangors Multi Activity Centre via 01874 658272 to book in advance.

David Bailey Wildlife Talk Poster