My Wild Cardiff Project Update

WTSWW at Pughs Garden Centre

WTSWW at Pughs Garden Centre

People and Wildlife Officer, Rose Revera, giving a talk at the RHS

People and Wildlife Officer, Rose Revera, giving a talk at the RHS

We have been very busy over the last few months working on the My Wild Cardiff project, which has been funded with the generous support of players of the People’s Postcode Lottery. We want to get people out creating habitat for wildlife in the outdoor spaces, so we have been out and about meeting people and spreading the word!

In February, we attended Wildlife Watch week at Pugh’s Garden Village in Radyr, taking with us lots of wildlife gardening information, Oxeye Daisy seeds for people to plant and take home and we also had some examples of features you can create in your own gardens to create habitat for wildlife.

We also attended the Growing Together event at Cardiff Central Library to talk wildlife in Cardiff.

One weekend, we joined Buglife and the Cardiff Park Rangers at Hailey Park in North Cardiff to build the world's first (maybe!) Bee Bank/ Reptile Hibernacula. The bee bank was made by piling aggregate and sand in a south-facing C-shape. The sand will provide nesting sites for solitary bees which bury into sediment, such as the Ashy Mining Bee. A bank shape creates a variety of different angles which creates options for lots of different species.

To complement this, we decided to also create a reptile hibernacula behind the bee bank, by digging a trough, filling it with logs and brash to create a good structure of nooks and crannies, then backfilling it with soil. This creates a safe space for reptiles such as Slow Worms and Lizards to hide underground. This will be planted with wildflower seed to provide a nectar cafe for the bees using the bank.


Bee Bank built with Bug Life and Friends of Hailey Park

In March, we were working on producing a wildlife gardening month by month guide, which will hopefully be available by the summer. Each month will have guides to create features in your garden for wildlife, hints and tips for healthy wildlife garden and identification information of species you can find in the garden. Let us know if you are interested in receiving a copy!

In April, we presented talks about the My Wild Cardiff project and wildlife gardening to some local interest groups in Cardiff and at the RHS Show which was held in Bute Park, talking about why wildlife is important in the garden, how it can actually help you in the garden and what you can do to create habitat for different species.

We have also been making some very exciting plans, working with the Cardiff Park Rangers and Shani Lawrence Garden Design, for a wildlife gardening event to take place in Bute Park over the summer- watch this space for more news on that over the coming months!

On Easter Saturday, we joined forces with Cardiff University Otter Project for an ‘Otters in the City’ event, and had an otterly brilliant day in Bute Park talking to lots and lots of people of all ages about Otters, their habitats and ecology, and we even found Otter spraints in four different places along the River Taff!

Lots more has been going on that there’s simply not room to write about. If you’re interested in finding out more about this project, contact project officer Rose Revera on email or phone 01656 724100. You can sign up to the email list here to be kept up to date with news and plans and future events can be found on our website here.