Vote for Skomer’s seabirds!

We're delighted to announce that The Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales has been nominated to win a donation of £5000 from Leica to support our Skomer Island seabird work for 2022!

Skomer is home to nationally and internationally important populations of seabirds and since the 1960s, The Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales have been working with partners to better understand their population dynamics, life history and unique behaviours.

Together with the seabirds on Skomer forming the largest colony in Southern Britain, this wild island is increasingly important for one seabird in particular, the Atlantic Puffin (Fratercula arctica). Atlantic Puffin populations across the globe are decreasing, but on Skomer, Puffins have been increasing over a documented recovery. This makes Skomer unique, as it is an area, right here on our doorsteps in Wales, that can allow for us to better understand why Puffins are recovering here, in comparison to other populations across the globe.

As well as the iconic Puffins, Skomer is also incredibly important for the Manx Shearwater (Puffinus puffinus) and together with Skokholm island, these islands represent the largest known concentration of this species in the world. Skomer is also home to other seabirds that we monitor and study too, from Guillemots and Razorbills, to various gull species including the Herring, Lesser and Great Black Backed, and of course, black-legged Kittiwakes. Globally, black-legged Kittiwakes have declined by around 40% since the 1970s. You can find out more about Skomer's seabirds and the work that we do to protect them.

Vote for their future

It's essential that we continue our long-term monitoring and research on Skomer's seabirds, to not only ensure that we can continue to learn more about them, but also protect them for the future.

We're delighted to be in the running to receive this donation from Leica. Receiving this donation will help us purchase new equipment to use through the seabird season and continue contributing to this long-running dataset of Skomer's seabirds.

We would be extremely grateful if you were to vote for us!

Voting only takes 30 seconds and can be done by clicking The Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales in the Google Doc below.

Voting closes on the 1st November.

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Vote for Skomer's seabirds!

We've been nominated to win a donation of £5000 from #Leica for our Skomer Island seabird work of 2022 🤞 Here's Leighton, our Skomer Warden, to tell us more...

Head Skomer Warden, Leighton, explains why this donation from Leica will help Skomer's seabirds.