Sandstone Water Features

Blue Tits at a garden bird feeder

Blue Tits at a garden bird feeder

Harmony sandstone water feature

Harmony sandstone water feature

Our RHS sponsors Water Features 2 Go would like to share a bit about their beautiful sandstone water features with you:


Water features are a great to addition to any home, garden or patio, large or small. They create that peaceful, tranquil ambience that helps you drift away to relaxation and also look stunning!

Here at, we offer a wide selection of indoor/outdoor Mains/solar powered water features to suit any size home and budget.

My personal favorites are from our sandstone range. I love the look of the stone, when the light hits different parts of the feature the marble effect brings out all sorts of different colours, catching your eye and that of your family and friends when you invite them round to enjoy your feature in your fabulous looking garden!

Our Harmony sandstone is a great centre piece to relax and unwind around. The colours shimmer in the water as it gently bubbles and flows over the beautifully crafted sides - add our sandstone pebbles around the piece to create that tranquil sound of water over rocks.

For a smaller space, why not add the stunning Sandstone Yin Yang or Malone features?

Yin yang water feature from waterfeatures2go         Malone water feature from waterfeatures2go

As well as the striking appearance they create height and elegance to your garden and again that unmistakable sound that transports to you exotic beaches around the world.

Or for a more contemporary design, perhaps one of our Spheres would be the perfect addition to your patio or garden? They come in a variety of sizes, singular or part as a trio - I am currently in the process of having my house extended and garden landscaped and have chosen the Sandstone trio for my new decking - I can't wait to spend summer afternoons/evenings on my new furniture  with a glass of wine watching and listening to the gentle flow of water.

Each of our Sandstone features are carefully hand crafted from natural stone sourced from all around the world. They are created from high quality material by our highly skilled manufactures but as they are natural stone, can have variations in colour and finish.

All of our features come with a minimum 12 months warranty - most have 24 months. Please do have a look at our full range of water features.

Louise Wickham

Sales and Service Manager -