New and improved access at Vicarage Meadows!

Vicarage Meadows

Vicarage Meadows

A busy winter for the Brecknock team!

The Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales were fortunate to receive funding from Natura 2000 for our Vicarage Meadows reserve, a SSSI part of the Elenydd Special Area of Conservation (SAC, covering the Elan Valley uplands).

Thanks to the Natura 2000 grant, the Trust were able to use the fund to improve access to the site and fencing at Vicarage Meadows reserve.

This work will help the Trust manage the site, which is special for Orchids, Dyer’s Green Weed (Genista Tincoria) and the Wood Bitter Vetch (Vicia Orobus) flower. In the hay meadow areas, the wildflowers are left to grow and set seed before being cut and raked off.

Mowing at Vicarage Meadows

WTSWW used two local contractors, M&J Evans based in Beulah and RB Environmental, based in Tregaron. M7J Evans repaired the fence by cutting away fallen and leaning trees and replacing rotten stakes, and they also replaced two entrance gates, all of which was undertaken by hand to prevent any damage to the site.

The new entrance gate

RB Jones Environmental built the Trust a number of culverts across the ditches to allow ponies and machinery to pass over safely. Work was completed over the winter to take advantage of funding and to avoid the growing season, which presented some real challenges as the site was very wet!

At the same time, NRW asked the Trust to move the fence, meaning that the Western meadow has now been extended to create a larger area of hay meadow!

If anyone in the area has the equipment and time to make hay here, please get in touch today!

Stephanie Coates, WTSWW Brecknock Officer