Improvements for Carmel Nature Reserve

We are delighted to confirm some improvements at our Carmel Nautre Reserve, Carmarthenshire.

Carmel National Nature Reserve has benefitted recently with several new gates and 3 new drinkers. This new infrastructure has been put in to enable to us have more control over the grazing. We shall now be able to move the herd about the site, enabling us to get a better more even graze throughout, whilst also being able to limit mud in wet years. Previously with so few drinkers across the site we were unable to do this, which meant that numerous gateways including an entrance to the site suffered with thick mud during wet periods. Now it is possible for us to move the cattle to another area, if the ground starts to look too churned up. We hope that this will make the site more welcoming to visitors, improving their experience of Carmel, whilst also ultimately benefitting the grassland.

The funding also covered us to get 150 meters of roadside hedgerow laid last winter by a local contractor. He used a traditional Carmarthenshire style of crop and pleach laying, and the results look amazing. This newly laid hedge will ultimately regenerate the trees within the hedgerow and create a thicker more wildlife friendly hedgerow full of nesting and feeding potential. This winter we shall be carrying on where he left off and finishing the hedge with the Carmarthenshire Volunteer group.

This project is funded by Welsh Government’s Landfill Disposal Tax Community Scheme, administered by WCVA.

We are very happy with the result and hope that the visitor experience will be vastly improved thanks to these developments!

Find more information about our Carmel Nature Reserve here.