Green Connection Powys – New project launch

Green Connections Powys is a collaborative Wildlife Trusts project across Powys that will be working with community groups, small businesses, landowners and statutory organisations to take local action to address climate change and biodiversity loss and create a Nature Recovery Network across the county.

The project runs until March 2023 and has received funding through the Welsh Government Rural Communities - Rural Development Programme 2014-2020, which is funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development and the Welsh Government.

What is a Nature Recovery Network?

A Nature Recovery Network is a joined-up system of places where nature can recover and thrive. It is a combination of both places where wildlife is still abundant, and places where habitats need to be restored or created to help expand and connect the remaining fragments.

The networks will also help the natural world to adapt to a changing climate and other pressures on the environment and make space for nature to meet the needs of wildlife and people in the wider landscape.

How is the Green Connections Project going to help?

Together we will be surveying and mapping wildlife, advising on habitat management and nature-based solutions, helping people encourage more wildlife into their communities and offering opportunities for upskilling and volunteering.

• We aim to empower local communities to engage and support the recovery of their own nature recovery networks that will then connect across Brecknock and Powys.

• We can create community area maps and provide tailored species accounts that individuals and groups can use to interpret their own ecological network.

• We will provide training in ecological survey and identification and land management to support individuals and groups to discover and interpret their Nature Recovery Network and to support the active recovery of habitats and species.

• We will visit and survey land that can contribute to the Nature Recovery Network, working across landowner boundaries to create local networks that might benefit from collaborative interventions or support. We hope to include re-visiting Local wildlife Sites that haven’t been surveyed for a long time.

• We will support the restoration of the Nature Recovery Network through pilot projects funded through Green Connections and through supporting communities and land managers in making direct applications to funding pots.

wood anenome L Maiden
Wood anemone (c) Lyndsey Maiden

What can you do?

Nature Recovery Networks are collaborative and evolve and improve through locally led engagement and delivery on the ground. They already exist in many places but need to be recognised and showcased to enable effective support to be provided and for them to be joined up across Powys.

Get in touch and get regular project updates on opportunities to engage with, and help define, the project delivery.

Volunteer to map your local Nature Recovery Networks – we can provide training and identification support for habitats and species. This can be targeted or can be as simple as taking notes or photographs on your regular walks.

Let us know if you have land that can be added to the map (we know lots of our members have their own land or are involved in the management of community land but we don’t have the boundaries of these areas to enable us to add them to the nature recovery network).

Ask us if there is something specific that we can help you with e.g. surveying a local site, training in pollinators, advice on land management. We can support the creation of nature trails and interpretation of the Brecknock wildlife for both local residents and visitors.

Use your information to help protect and enhance the wildlife network where you live.

If you have a project of your own and would like advice or would like to know more about any of the above, do please contact (general information and helping community groups take action) or (land management advice).

-- Pauline Hill, People and Wildlife Officer, Brecknock