Do the little things for wildlife this St David’s Day

On 1st March, schools and communities up and down the length and breadth of Wales celebrate St David’s Day. Children will wear traditional Welsh dresses and pin leaks and daffodils to their lapels.
St David’s last words were ‘Gwnewch y pethau bychain mewn bywyd’ translated to ‘Do the little things in life’. With the current climate and ecological crisis, there is no better time to make small changes and do the little things for wildlife.

Here are some top tips for little things you can do this spring:

1. Put out a bird feeder or bird bath
Warmer and longer days marks the return of our breeding birds! Garden birds will soon be busy nest building, which can be hungry work! Give birds a helping hand this spring, put out fresh water and bird food regularly. For more hints and tips, check out our friends at Vine House Farm.

2. Plant pollinator friendly plants
Soon the air will be filled with the gentle buzz of bees, wasps and other pollinators. Make sure they have plenty of pollen pit stops to get them through the summer, why not plant nectar-rich lavender, borage or lungwort?

3. Let the dandelions grow!
As one of the first flowering plants of the year, dandelions are a lifeline for pollinators. These pretty little flowers can often be seen buzzing with life during the early spring months. It can be tempting to tame that unruly lawn at the first sign of spring, but think of the bees. Let the dandelions grow this year!

4. Build a bug hotel
It can be easy to forget about the mini beasts who call our gardens home as they are often unseen. However insects often need a helping hand too! Building a bug hotel is not only fun for the whole family but it is easy too! Use pieces of wood you can find lying around the garden, or even an old boot!

5. Plant a mini wildflower meadow
Wildflower meadows contain up to 40 species per square metre, these can include bees, butterflies and beetles which in turn supports many small animals and birds. But sadly this crucial habitat only covers a mere 1% of the UK’s land. You can do your bit for wildlife by planting a mini wildflower meadow in your garden and watch as the butterflies and bees visit for their all important nectar.

For more ideas download our easy guide here