Bee a Wildlife Friendly Gardener

Bee Watering Station - Louise Sidebottom

Bee Watering Station – Louise Sidebottom

Gardening - Tom Marshall

Gardening – Tom Marshall

Bees, butterflies and hedgehogs are all spiralling into decline in Wales and the future for garden wildlife is looking pretty bleak. However, The Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales are reaching out to communities in Cardiff to encourage people to garden with wildlife in mind. And the best part … Well, OK, the best part is that it helps local wildlife. But the second best part is that IT’S FREE!

The Wildlife Trust’s ‘My Wild Cardiff’ project, funded with the generous support of players of People's Postcode Lottery, are helping neighbourhoods around Cardiff welcome their wildlife neighbours into their gardens.

Rose Revera, The Wildlife Trust’s People and Wildlife Officer who is running the My Wild Cardiff project, says “Anything that people can do in their gardens to create more habitat for wildlife in the area will help species such as hedgehogs, bumblebees, butterflies and birds move from park to park. Creating a network of green areas will strengthen the populations that are seriously struggling, rather than them being confined to a single green area with limited resources.”

As part of the My Wild Cardiff project, The Wildlife Trust gave away free ponds to people in the Heath and Birchgrove area last month. Now we’re focusing on the neighbourhoods around Pontcanna and Canton which are surrounded by green spaces and parks. These provide an excellent base from which to encourage any local wildlife into your wildlife friendly haven of a garden. More specifically we will be helping any willing people in Pontcanna and Canton to create special bumblebee areas, such as bug hotels, nesting areas for burrowing bees, nectar cafes and watering stations.

Rebecca Vincent, Marketing and Communications Officer for The Wildlife Trust, says “There are 27 species of bumblebee in the UK. Unfortunately half of these 27 bumblebees are in decline and 3 of them are extinct already! According to Natural Resources Wales, every third mouthful of food that we eat has been created by pollinators, such as bees! Bumblebees are also good for our tourism economy as they provide colour for our wild places making our countryside a much nicer place to visit. So we all need to be pitching in to help these little guys to bring their numbers back up.”

So how do you get involved we hear you ask, well we will be holding an event at the Canton Community Garden at Chapter Arts Centre on Monday 10th July, from 6pm-8pm. We are inviting all local residents to come along and make a mini bug home with us, plant some seeds to take home and to just generally learn more about wildlife gardening.

For more information about the event on the 10th July at Chapter, contact Rose via 01656 724100 or