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Immature Emerald Damselfly

Immature Emerald Damselfly

When you visit our reserves you tell us, friends and family about the the things you see and the fascinating lives revealed. But you also talk about much more. When we connect with nature we experience wonder, curiosity, excitement and calmness. Sometimes all at the same time. Writing, whether its poetry or prose is a way of exploring and sharing the feelings that make us part of nature. We are beginning a series that tries to capture these. Over the next year we will include in each newsletter a short piece written by Rob Pickford prompted by his visit to a reserve. The first of these is about Dowrog Common, near St Davids Pembrokeshire, an extensive tract of wet and dry heath with pools and fen in the upper reaches of the River Alun.

Dowrog Common

I met a man on Dowrog Common,
his coat of grey, his hat of felt.
His eyes were blue,
his look so very far away.

Each day his camera caught
the heron's stuttering flight,
the sight of Commas on the wing
and the nightly trot of fox.

He taught me
where the linnet perch and sing,
what lives within the pools
of dug out clay
and how the squatter's house
was built in just one day.

I often rush in haste past that same moor,
our car packed tight
with children clutching spades.
Sometimes I catch a glimpse,
of his tall shape and
promise, when I'm free,
to pause again
to look, but this time stay.