New owl real estate at Castle Woods!

Two new owl boxes have been installed at Castle Woods National Nature Reserve. These have been very kindly put up by Proclimber, a company specialising in fast track tree surgery courses based in Carmarthen. They used the owl boxes as a training exercise for their soon to be arborists.

The boxes, one for a barn owl the other for a tawny have been installed as part of our Glastir Advanced contract. For the barn owl box we chose a lovely totem of standing dead wood at the edge of the woodland. The dead tree is fairly isolated and facing a hay meadow. It is hoped that hunting barn owls will see the box, and more importantly its hole, and explore further.

The tawny owl box in contrast has been placed within the woods as these birds are a woodland species. It has been strapped to the underside of a sloping side limb of a mature tree.

We are very grateful to Proclimber in their help installing these boxes at a suitable height off the ground. Fingers crossed our feathery friends utilise, and successfully fledge, numerous broods of owlets from them.

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