Amie Smith 24-28 May 2010. Kingsmead Technology College, Staffordshire

I spent my work experience week with CBMWC because I want to become a marine biologist when I leave school. I found out about all the things I will need to do, how difficult it can be to get a job in this area of work and exactly what the job entails as well as having a truly fantastic time! Everyone was really friendly and helpful explaining how everything works. I learned to distinguish between species of dolphins which I scouted for from the harbour wall, inputted some data onto the database and helped out in the visitor centre on public awareness. I feel very privileged to have been lucky enough to see several bottlenose dolphins, including calves, some of which were right inside the harbour and an Atlantic grey seal from the boat which was very exciting!!! It is also good to know that I have, in my own small way, helped to conserve these magnificent creatures for the future.

I think that if not everyone is lucky enough to spend some time here they should at least try to find somewhere like it and my only regret about my stay here is that I couldn't stay for longer,!!!