Go look under stuff!

Flat-backed Millipede.  Flat-backed Millipede.   It’s just a nice thing to say isn’t it? Flat-backed Millipede.

I wasn’t expecting to find said invertebrate but having decided to take a slightly different route through the Taf Fechan reserve (which is always worth doing by the way) I happened across some large pieces of tree bark lying at my feet and I just cannot resist or ignore the opportunity to look under stuff so over they went.

Yay a flat-backed Millipede!

This delightful discovery was soon followed, by the facility of turning over more bark, by many many Common Shiny Woodlice (woodlice are cool, they do an important job and should not be overlooked AND you then get to say, no joyously pronounce, the word isopod) and a very pretty Centipede (later identified as probably a Banded Centipede which like all Centipedes is a killing machine with poisonous front legs used for ruthlessly hunting down its prey) and an even prettier (for a more or less featureless blob, but as featureless blobs go it was gorgeous) Hoverfly larva sitting out the winter (It’s not only butterflies that do the whole metamorphosis thing Hoverflies do it as well).

Now rule number one and the main responsibility for those who like to look under stuff is to make sure you turn it back over to the way you found it which I did having seen a flat-backed Millipede.