Fungus Fun at Parc Slip Nature Reserve

Specimen table

Specimen table by Fay Cosgrove

Fabulous Fungus Explorations on UK Fungus Day

Glamorgan Fungus Group held a special event on Sunday the 11th October to celebrate UK Fungus Day in collaboration with the UK Fungus Day Team at the British Mycological Society and the Wildlife Trust of South & West Wales staff at Parc Slip Nature Reserve.

S cavipes

S cavipes by Mike Bright

Group Members organised a fungus specimen display to introduce eager members of the public to the wonderful variety of our native fungi that can be found in across the countryside at this time of year.

Adults and children alike marvelled at the spread of specimens that included the ever popular Fly Agaric, Scarlet Caterpillar Club and a wide selection of colourful waxcaps.

Mike Bright of Glamorgan Fungus Group led two special guided walks around the reserve explaining the importance of fungi to our ecosystems and highlighting the ways that we benefit from their unseen actions.

Over 70 members of the public were shown a wide variety of our commoner fungi and were treated to some close up views of some rare specimens in their natural environment including the boletes Suillus tridentinus and Suillus cavipes (Hollow Bolete - at its only Welsh Site).

eager people queue up at Parc Slip

Eager people queue up at Parc Slip

The long line of smiling fungi fans stretched through the reserves pathways like a strange woodland conga!

The walk ended with the opportunity for people to see the special Red Data List Spathularia flavida (Yellow Fan) which saw a queue of eager wildlife photographers lining up to grab a picture.

Thanks to the Wildlife Trust of South & West Wales and the British Mycological Society whose help, assistance and support made the event possible.