A View of the Bay (week 5)

Living Seas volunteer Andy usually spends his time conducting Dolphin Watch surveys for Cardigan Bay Marine Wildlife Centre however, due to COVID-19 all our research work from CBMWC has been put on hold. He is lucky enough to live in a flat overlooking New Quay Bay and has spent lockdown wildlife watching from his home.So, what a week of wildlife fun it’s been…enough to keep me wildlife watching for hours.

Andy Dolphin Watch (Nov 2019)

Greetings o viewers of the bay! Perhaps a little quieter this week in New Quay with some sporadic excitement patched in around a bit of a change in weather….hot and sunny early in the week but changing to quite stormy stuff with north westerlies mid-week creating some spectacular seawatching, more of which in a moment.

First off, a Heron fly-past on Monday brought the usual air attacks from the local crows and gulls…not quite sure why birds ‘mob’ herons but they always do. We don’t get many Herons here so its big, lumbering passage through was quite surprising.

Grey Heron at Cei Bach Beach ©Rosie Hemsley

Less surprising for June, bottlenose dolphin activity was great on Tuesday, several parties in the bay with several animals in each including juveniles and even one I could ID, Snowcap (actually, the only one I can ID!).

Ding ding, all change on Wednesday with a pretty hefty storm meaning yours truly was outside under an umbrella doing a seawatch…worth the wetting too with huge manx shearwater numbers close-in giving great displays of masterful flight plus lots of fulmars and auks. Interestingly I also saw dolphins, really lucky in big seas.

Manx Shearwater © Jay Burk

A bit quieter on Thursday but Friday came roaring back with a brilliant peregrine past my window…most years they breed on the cliffs near the lookout so this one may have been from there. Friday’s highlight though was dolphin-flavoured…several just below my flat in the bay surfing in the waves! They were so close-in I could only just see them over the trees and I had excellent views. I’ve seen several cetacean species surfing over the years but not bottlenose before, a great way to end the week.

Take care, see you next week.