At the Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales, we’re fighting for a Wilder Future, a future filled with thriving landscapes and seas.

To do this, we publicly stand up for wildlife and the environment, influence wildlife conservation policy, ensure protection of our wild spaces and inspire people to put nature at the heart of their own decisions and lives.

But, we don’t do this alone.

Our WILD Fundraiser campaign is an inclusive and accessible way for anyone to be a part of the solution.

Together, we can show that nature’s recovery is at the heart of our own decisions and that our individual actions really do make a difference.

There are a variety of ways we can fight for a Wilder Future. From taking part in a sponsored activity, holding a coffee morning, exploring our local patch, or holding a charity concert. The opportunities are endless, and we invite YOU to go WILD for wildlife.

Every fundraising activity, challenge and penny raised helps the Trust champion change for nature.

You can be the change. Your actions can make a difference.

EMPOWER Half Marathon WILD Fundraiser event at Aberavon

It’s called WILD fundraiser for a reason, because well, we invite you to go WILD as part of your challenge! We’ve had sky divers, pogo jumpers, triathletes and half marathon runners, concert players and 30 Days Wild heroes, all fundraising for a #WilderFuture.

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Are you ready to become a #WILDFundraiser with us and join our #TeamWilder?