Where’s Swansea’s Wildlife?

From its magnificent coast to ancient woodland, Swansea is a place rich in wildlife for everyone. However, one habitat that is often overlooked is our gardens, which not only act as miniature nature reserves, but can also help reduce pollution in our streams and rivers.

We want to discover (with your help!) more about the environment and hidden wildlife of Swansea’s gardens. We have created this simple survey form for you to tell us about the wildlife you see in your garden throughout the year. The more people who tell us about the wildlife they see, the more we can do to protect it for future generations. Please help us by filling in the form below.

If you have problems filling in the form below you can download a  Where’s Swansea’s Wildlife PDF (470KB) and post back to:

The Swansea Garden Wildlife Survey
Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales
Nature Centre, Fountain Road
Tondu, Bridgend
CF32 0EH

Swansea Wildlife Form


Where's Swansea's Wildlife

Please fill in the following about the wildlife you have seen in your back garden.
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Did you enjoy filling in this form? Why not help us do more for wildlife by becoming a member? Iolo Williams, reknowned broadcaster and wildlife enthusiast explains why the Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales is so important in this area.