Planning Your Visit

Bluebell Woods by Emma Bradshaw Planning Your Visit

Bluebell Woods by Emma Bradshaw

Visiting the countryside and reserves is a wonderful experience for everyone, however it can be made even more of a pleasure by following some basic common sense guidelines.

Sometimes we put ourselves at risk in the countryside by not being aware of some of the risks we face, these simple ideas are there to help you plan your visit to reserves or if you are simply going for a walk.

If you are a caver then there is some specialist advice with regards to bats and caving from The Bat Conservation Trust

Dogs are welcome on our reserves but we ask you to please follow some basic guidelines for the benefit of wildlife and other users of the reserves.


  • Countryside CodeCountryside Code
    The countryside code is a useful guide which allows us all to use the countryside safely.  There is some basic advice which we ask all visitors to the countryside to respect. Return to the Planning Your Visit Page. Please: Do not enter woodlands in windy weather – there is always the risk of falling limbs, even from ...
  • What To TakeWhat To Take
    Plenty to drink You might get thirsty whilst out, especially if you are moving around a lot. Make sure you take enough water for your visit. Make sure you take your rubbish home with you! Snacks Even if you’re not planning to spend a long time out and about it’s a good idea to take a snack, such ...
  • What To WearWhat To Wear
    What you need to wear when out in the countryside varies according to where you are going, the weather and the type of activity you are doing. However there are some basic items which will help you make the most of your visit without ruining your clothes and, most importantly, will prevent you from getting ...