The Dranges Marsh Fritillary Habitat Recovery Project

It felt like we were doing battle with the weather and ground conditions but as winter progressed so did the SITA Trust funded project to restore the habitat for Marsh Fritillary butterflies at The Dranges, Bishopston.

Dranges diggerFebruary 2015 saw the completion of the external fencing, a total of 2500m. Internal boundary fencing was commenced and completed a total of 1470m.

11 gates and 2 stiles were installed, 3 existing gates on the external boundary were also rehung. 4 swing gates were also installed where the fencing crossed watercourses.

Through the winter the staff and volunteer teams have worked hard clearing scrubby vegetation and two of the wet meadows were cut and collect mowed.

With the removal of rank vegetation and the new fencing this will enable the site to be grazed in future making the management of the grasslands for the Marsh Fritillary sustainable.

We have now said goodbye to our specialist contractors AJ Butler Contracting Ltd who delivered the fencing and mowing work. I would like to thank them for their flexible and sympathetic approach to working this site.

Dranges workThe ground and weather conditions were challenging and without their low ground pressure machinery this job would have been near impossible. Delivering so much work in such a short period of time has certainly impacted on the site but the contractors reinstated as they pulled out of site we have now handed it over to nature while the site ‘settles’ and greens up again.

We are now minimising our own access onto the site to reduce the impact and will return once the weather improves.