Tawe Volunteers

In Swansea we have a brilliant group of volunteers who are helping us raise awareness of the importance of local waterways and also are doing a fantastic job of looking after the local environment.

Trouble with Tomatoes

Tomato plantHappily, there have not been many serious pollution incidents on the Tawe recently, However, Jake Lewis on the M4 bridge stretch discovered some stray tomato plants on the bank.

Tomato plants growing in unlikely locations are a serious indicator of contamination with human waste, and in this case, Jake has discovered what appears to be an intermittent leak from the sewage system. Natural Resources Wales are currently investigating where exactly this leak is coming from, and hopefully will be able to resolve the issue soon. Thanks Jake!

White Rock Regeneration

There is some extensive work planned for the banks of the White Rock stretch of the Tawe, and Stephen Halfpenny was contacted earlier this month by John Ashley of the White Rock historic group, who have received a grant from CADW to restore some of the archaeological features at this site.

Thanks to Stephen’s involvement, we were able to produce a report outlining the suspected impacts that the work carried out will have on the aquatic and riparian wildlife in the area, and advise on some do’s and don’ts which will ensure the work benefits people and wildlife.

Tawe litter

Tawe litter

Morfa Litter & Trolleys

Barbara and Maggie have carried out litter picks along the Morfa stretch, where unfortunately there seems to be a littering problem. Maggie and Barbara identified that the issue was worse after match days at the Liberty Stadium, and as a result I have written a letter requesting that the council meet with me to assess the facilities and increase provision for litter facilities and clean ups in this area. As of yet, I have had no reply but please watch this space!

The trolleys may be cleared up come the summer too, as a new partnership with Keep Wales Tidy has brought in some equipment and expertise that will make this possible! Excellent result!

Thanks to all our brilliant volunteers without which our work would be impossible to achieve.