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Is it late spring or early summer? I am never sure. What I do know is that things are growing like crazy our meadows are flourishing, coppice regeneration is growing back strongly, path side vegetation to keep us busy and unfortunately the invasives are doing quite well too, Himalayan Balsam seems to be having a “good” year (bad from our point of view).

After a spell of leave at the end of April and start of May I returned to work to find plenty to keep us busy. We have ducked in and out of showers to get some of our footpaths cut already.

Rebecca came down and led the volunteers in a ground flora survey which we have done each year since we coppiced it in 2012/13 so in the future we can note the changes.

Paul Thornton shows Gower Society Ilston Quarry

Paul Thornton shows Gower Society Ilston Quarry

We made use of a prolonged dry spell to get charcoal stock piled; these early burns have used wood that has been cut during the project at E&R Harding Nature Reserve so some of it will have been grown at 60ft up a cliff! We have recently wrapped this project up the final task was to install some necessary warning signs. The result of this project is that the geological SSSI, on the Ilston Quarry part of the site, which was classified as ‘unfavourable/declining’ is now in ‘favourable’ condition for the first time in two decades.

Time has also been spent in management planning to inform what we hope to do over the next 5 years along with planning tasks to be done much sooner including the treatment of crassula on the ponds at the ranges with herbicide.

We have a committed volunteer team who help us carry out much of our work meeting on Tuesdays and Thursdays, please get in touch if you want to join the team.

We are also looking for temporary volunteers to boost our numbers for our Himalayan Balsam Pulling sessions in Gelli Hir Woods (many hands make light work)! The planned dates (which are subject to confirmation are Thurs 12 June, Thursday 19 June, Thursday 3 July, Thursday 17 July, possibly Thursday 24 July and the final date to get the plants before they set seed Thursday 7 August. Sessions will run from 10am-2pm. Please get in touch if you fancy joining us.

Contact Paul on 07966 564372