Gower Charcoal Now for Sale

An important part of woodland management is coppicing, this allows the structure of the woodland to become very diverse, which is fantastic for ground flora including bluebells and wood anemones, it is also vital for species such as dormice. Historically this management was done as a part of our very survival, we needed the wood for charcoal or simply our fires, this meant we were unintentionally improving our environment for nature.

Bag of Gower CharcoalSince the Industrial Revolution our management of woodlands had declined and now it is often done for purely conservation issues. This has left many private woodlands un-managed letting them become dense and lose their native flora.

The team out on the Gower, led by Paul Thornton, have decided to try and manage our woodlands there primarily for wildlife but also using the wood we take out to make charcoal - creating a product we can sell. This will show how woodlands can become productive again, benefiting people and wildlife You can find out all the goings on if you go to The Gower Charcoal Makers Page on Facebook. There are films, photos and much more.

So now Gower Charcoal is now for sale, you can order direct from Paul - call 07966 564372 to arrange collection from Gower or find it at Williams Pet & Garden Suplies, Gowerton and Kittle Village Stores, Kittle.

Coming soon to Mike Davies Leisure, Gower Rd, Killay, Llanmadog Community Shop, Llanmadog and to The Welsh Wildlife Centre, Cilgeran and WTSWW head office/Parc slip Visitor Centre, Tondu.

Large bags £7.49 each, small bags £4.99 each
Bring on the BBQ weather!