Butterfly Walk in Gelli Hir Wood

Learn to identify and survey woodland butterflies in their habitat. Find out about woodland conservation on Gower, and meet some of the creatures it benefits! Saturday 20th of July, 10am, meeting at Crwys Community Woodland

Peacock Butterfly Bob Coyle

Peacock Butterfly Bob Coyle

Wildlife Trust volunteers have been conducting regular butterfly surveys in Gelli Hir wood, following an extensive program of woodland management that was completed during the winter, to improve the habitat for butterflies and other species. Surveys are important for increasing our understanding of these threatened creatures and how we can further help them to thrive.

Many woodland butterfly species rely on sunny but sheltered conditions, which are provided by the management being undertaken at this site, and they decline when woodlands become neglected. So far the surveys have yielded a variety of species including speckled woods, peacocks and orange tips, and with luck the rare silver washed fritillary should make an appearance in July. This talk will explain survey techniques for butterflies and how to understand their ecology, as well as conducting the survey itself. 

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