The Four Seasons

There is always a chance to something of interest at Teifi Marshes and the Welsh Wildlife Centre, no matter what the season.


In spring as the first blushes of life are being seen at the Welsh Wildlife Centre there is a chance to see

  • Bluebells Neil Aldridge

    Bluebells Neil Aldridge

  • bluebells in flower
  • blossom along the wooded pathways
  • the first of the dragonflies emerging


  • butterflies, including purple hairstreak from the Tree Tops hide
  • dragonflies such as emperor, broad bodied chasers, southern hawkers and scarce blue-tailed damselfly
  • breeding birds such as reed warblers, sedge warblers, Cetti’s warblers and whitethroats


  • salmon heading up stream
  • the stunning autumn colours around the reserve
  • fungi
  • sounds of red and sika deer rutting - the sika deer have a particularly eerie whistling screaming calls.
  • abundance of hedgerow berries
  • autumnal migrating birds such as redwings, fieldfares and Siberian blackbirds.


Teal by Amy Lewis

Teal by Amy Lewis

  • over wintering birds such as teal, wigeon and mallard in their thousands
  • murmurations of starlings
  • trees hung with lichens and mosses