Stock-checking During Lockdown!

WTSWW Volunteer Andrew carrying out a stock-check!

WTSWW Volunteer Andrew carrying out a stock-check!

When lockdown started in March 2020 it put a stop to a lot of our activities!

Livestock checks however had to carry on for the animal’s welfare. This mainly done by the graziers but often staff and volunteers help too. In Ystradgynlais we were lucky to have Andrew on the door step so we asked him if he could check the welsh mountain ponies on his daily exercise route.

We set up a Whatsapp group with the grazier and each time one of us saw the ponies we'd update the group with a quick message and sometimes with pictures. Fortunately, the ponies are very friendly and easy to approach.

During the prolonged spell Andrew gave us peace of mind by regularly checking that the water supply was also ok. When the ponies were moved to the bigger field this involved some exploring to find the stream amongst the tussocks.

The grazier was even more delighted when he sold one of the ponies straight off the field to a new home in Wiltshire. He wrote to us and said....

Many people write off environmental grazing animals as sub standard but we have found that it builds good temperaments, behaviour and healthy animals. Whilst preserving Wales iconic breed. I cannot thank the Trust nor you Andrew as the stockchecker and especially you Steph for believing and trusting in us.

So a big thank you to volunteers like Andrew who have helped both the staff and graziers at this difficult time by checking livestock and nature reserves in their local area.