Local Group Committee Volunteers

To serve as a Committee member who as well as attending meetings usually help with tasks such as fundraising, local publicity, membership recruitment, helping the Trust respond to planning issues and organising local events.  There is a Local Group in each district. As well as the committee members who share the work as a team the following positions are also elected and these involve more responsibility:

A Chairperson - who is responsible for ensuring that the Local Group follows the constitution, promotes the Trust in an appropriate manner and is dynamic.  The Chairperson is also the contact point between Trust staff and officers, local institutions and the public.

A Secretary - who is responsible for preparing and mailing the minutes of meeting, for distributing incoming mail, and for giving the Chairperson any clerical support required.

A Treasurer - who is responsible for entering payments and donations in the cash book, for keeping all receipts as evidence of payments, for reconciling the cash book with the Local Group bank account, for producing an income and expenditure account each year which is approved by the Local Group Committee and used by the Trust Treasurer, and for sending a copy of the Local Group bank statements to the Trust Finance Office.