Susan Vester 14th March – 5th September 2016, Germany

Almost six months spent by the Welsh coastline have left a lasting impression on me. After graduating from university I decided to pursue my interest in wildlife conservation and marine biology by volunteering at the Cardigan Bay Marine Wildlife Centre. I learnt a lot during my time there, both personally and professionally. Surveying bottlenose dolphins, harbour porpoise and Atlantic grey seals was an amazing experience. We got the opportunity of doing survey work from New Quay harbour wall, Birds Rock and on the boats with Dolphin Survey Boat Trips. Beside the rich marine megafauna found in Cardigan Bay, I learnt much about the interesting birdlife as well. Not only was the field work great fun, but the opportunity of interacting with the public was a very beneficial experience. One part of the volunteer work I personally found very important was doing regular beach cleans to raise awareness of marine litter, as this is one of the biggest issues of today.

New Quay is an amazing place to spend time, with a beautiful coastline and stunning wildlife just on the doorstep. While bank holiday weekends and the holiday months are very busy, it is a very peaceful place out of season. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the CBMWC, the whole team was brilliant and if anything I wish I could have stayed longer. I would not want to miss any of the experience I gained or the memories I made and cannot wait to get back for some dolphin spotting again.