Siobhan Edney 14th March – 8th May 2016, England

I had an amazing time volunteering at Cardigan Bay Marine Wildlife Centre for 8 weeks from March to May 2016. I was very nervous before I came to volunteer, but there was no need for me to worry as all the staff and other volunteers were really friendly and made me feel at home. Even though it was hard work I loved helping out and really enjoyed being on the wall on sunny days during land watches and on the all-day boat surveys. You can often spot dolphins from the harbour wall and it was interesting to record and observe their behaviour. We regularly had sightings of: bottlenose dolphins, Atlantic grey seals, harbour porpoises, gannets and lots of other birdlife from the wall.  I also had a great time on the boat surveys and enjoyed watching the dolphins especially when they would bow ride the boat. On an all-day boat survey, we went on we could even spot the dolphins bow riding the boat underwater before they surfaced. The water was so clear we could have been in far more tropical waters and shows you don’t need to travel far as there is also amazing local wildlife here in Wales!

The volunteers would often have film nights and venture out to the pub for quizzes which was fun.  New Quay is a really lovely laidback place to live for a few months and the surrounding areas are also great to explore. I went to University in Aberystwyth so knew a little about the surrounding area but had never ventured as far as New Quay. There is also an hourly bus service that runs daily which takes you too places such as Aberystwyth and Aberaeron which you can easily explore on your days off.