Rhi Nichol 23rd March – 28th August 2015, England

I had an amazing time at CBMWC over the summer.  I came to volunteer for one month but wound up staying almost six months! Honestly if not for heading off to university I would have tried to stay longer.

The work was tough, but extremely rewarding as you start to learn the dolphins’ fin markings and know their names and there is always plenty to do, from helping out in the visitor centre, to racing to catch up on boat data input, to doing your own personal project for your studies or just because you want to! I was able to use my skills in video making to produce short films about what we got up to during my stay (stay tuned!).

It can get pretty grim out there on the harbor wall but the fantastic people you get to live and work with will have a cup of tea brewing for you when you return! The volunteers are people you will hold on to as friends- I’ve been gone for only a couple of months and I’ve met up with two people and have plans to see at least four others over Christmas.

For anyone with a passion for marine biology and a will to work hard and meet great people I can’t recommend CBMWC highly enough. Even the location is wonderful (have fun at the watersports centre and eat far too much fish, chips and luxury ice cream while you’re there) New Quay is really beautiful and you’ll get views of wildlife you’d never expect to see.