Alex Bolland 31st March-2nd November 2014, UK

Volunteering with the Cardigan Bay Marine Wildlife Centre is an excellent way to gain practical experience that you simply don’t get at University and to improve your C.V. You will be responsible for data collection in the field, data handling, working with the public to increase awareness of environmental issues both local and on a wider scale and educating both children and adults. There are also additional opportunities such as managing the aquarium and other computer based projects. During my stay I managed the aquarium and began the development of a new Atlantic Grey Seal photo-identification project to be pursued by the centre.

Cardigan Bay itself is a beautiful part of the world. You never get tired of looking at the coastline when you are out on the boats and there are plenty of places to walk and get out especially if you are usually stuck in a city like me. New Quay is great as well; it’s a small place most of the year until the tourists turn up and then things get a bit louder. I would recommend going any time, busy or not and if you are there during the summer holidays then the New Quay Music Festival is worth going to!

The CBMWC team are great. Thank you Laura, Sarah and Steve for putting up with me all summer. Thanks as well to all the local volunteers, I am sure I will visit again sometime soon.

I would recommend volunteering at the CBMWC to anyone who is looking for additional experience. The positions available are ideal for anyone currently doing a degree or just having finished it.