Seashore habitats

Much of Cardigan Bay’s marine life can be found on or around the seashore. The Bay’s seashore is an example of an ecosystem – a community of living plants and animals all sharing the same environment. Rich in diversity Cardigan Bay provides home and shelter to many forms of life.

Sandy and muddy shores

These are mobile shores with few animals and plants to be seen on the surface as there is nothing for them to attach to. Most animals found here live buried in the mud or sand.

Rocky shores and rockpools

On rocky shores the animals and plants live on the surface of the rocks or in the cracks and crevices. They have adaptations to attach themselves so that they are not washed off the rocks by the waves and tides. You can find rock pools anywhere that has rocks covered by seawater at high tide and that are exposed when the tide goes out. Rockpools are wonderful places to explore and discover the rich variety of marine life that can be found in Cardigan Bay.

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