ShoreFin Volunteers

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Matching images of dolphins to our ID catalogue


ShoreFin is our dedicated land-based, bottlenose dolphin photo-ID project. The aim of the project is to build up an understanding of bottlenose dolphin site usage within the New Quay bay area, to find out which individuals visit the bay and discover more about the ecology and life history of these animals.

We are looking for two volunteers to continue our ShoreFin project for the 2018 field season from 12th March – 5th November 2018. You must be able to commit to the full season.

What You Will Gain

Joining the ShoreFin team is a unique opportunity for you to carry out marine mammal research and contribute to conservation. You’ll learn about the bottlenose dolphins of Cardigan Bay and gain experience in field work, wildlife photography, photo ID, data entry, report writing and much more! This role can be a stepping stone to a career in marine research or conservation.

“I would absolutely recommend applying for the ShoreFin position. Nothing compares to the satisfaction attained from carrying out this research project which contributes to a long-term examination of individual dolphins in New Quay. It feels like you have a deep connection to the research as you get to know individual dolphins, and can recognise them from sight and their behaviours when they visit New Quay bay.” Jessica Grimbley, ShoreFin volunteer 2016.

The Volunteer Role  

The ShoreFin volunteers will photograph bottlenose dolphins from land, conduct photo-ID, analyse data and write the annual ShoreFin report.

We’re looking for dedicated volunteers with a passion for marine mammals, experience of photography and photo ID work, who are mature and proactive.

Interested? You can download more information on the ShoreFin Volunteer Role and accommodation here. 


Further Information

For further information on the role or application process please contact Laura Evans at or on 01545 560224

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