Living Seas Wales Volunteers

Do you live in the south or west Wales area? Are you interested in marine conservation or the heritage/history of the Welsh coast? We’re looking for passionate volunteers to join our Living Seas Team for an exciting new project funded by The Heritage Lottery Fund.

“We need an army of people who love the sea and understand that there is no life without water” – Jacques Yves Cousteau

Living Seas Wales Project

The Sea Wales 7D reality experience will be touring the Welsh Coast as part of the project

The Living Seas Wales project is a collaboration between WTSWW and North Wales Wildlife Trust (NWWT) and celebrates the natural history and communities of the Welsh coast. Funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund thanks to National Lottery Players, the project will provide opportunities for people to learn about, enjoy and contribute to marine conservation. An all-Wales roadshow will take participants beneath Welsh seas using awe-inspiring virtual technology and engaging experiences on our coast, as well as year-round activities with a strong element of volunteering and training. We will also be exploring, documenting and disseminating historical records and sharing anecdotal stories about marine wildlife and heritage.


Volunteering is a fantastic opportunity for you to experience Wales’ amazing marine life, meet new people, inspire others to value the sea, contribute towards marine conservation and gain valuable work experience.  Spending more time outdoors through volunteering can also increase your health and well-being.

Living Seas Wales Volunteers can take part in or organise research and outreach activities in their local area, attend events including the Living Seas Live! Roadshow (set locations) or volunteer from home.

Volunteer conducting a survey

Volunteering tasks available including (but not limited too):

  • Conducting marine and coastal surveys in your local area
  • Engaging with and inspiring the public through our Living Seas Live! Roadshow
  • Helping with community outreach events such as rock pooling and wildlife walks
  • Bringing the history of the Welsh coast to life collecting, archiving and digitising historical records
  • Promoting the Living Seas Wales project and raising awareness of marine conservation through social media, blogging etc.
  • Taking part in marine advocacy campaigns and much more

YOU DON’T NEED A BACKGROUND IN SCIENCE TO BECOME INVOLVED! Full training will be provided through a range of formal sessions as well as “on the ground” training.

We’re looking for wildlife enthusiasts, people with a passion for marine conservation, those interested in coastal heritage/history or individuals pursuing a career in marine biology who are looking to gain valuable experience.

Interested ?

Complete a Living Seas Wales Volunteer Registration Form and return it to Laura Evans at with the subject heading “Living Seas Wales Volunteer”

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