Adopt a Cardigan Bay Dolphin Nick

Adopt a CBMWC Cardigan Bay Dolphin - Nick (015)

Cardigan Bay bottlenose dolphin Nick

Nick is easily recognised by the three distinct nicks down her dorsal fin. Originally it was thought that Nick was a male, mainly due to the markings on her fin; however, in 2007 she proved us wrong by giving birth to a calf (dolphin 183). She was officially sexed in 2010 when researchers at Cardigan Bay Marine Wildlife Centre captured photographic evidence. Nick is regularly seen in and around New Quay harbour during the summer.  She often throws fish in the air whilst she is hunting, a sight that amuses our volunteers and members of the public. Nick has also been seen throwing jellyfish which could be a form of play. Occasionally she likes to spend time on her own and can be seen close to New Quay harbour wall. At other times she enjoys the company of many of her friends including Cadfael (032).

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