Adopt a Cardigan Bay Dolphin

Why adopt with us?

Adoption Pack

Our Adoption Pack – including cuddly toy dolphin (child’s pack)

By adopting a Welsh bottlenose dolphin through the Cardigan Bay Marine Wildlife Centre for just £30 (including UK postage) you will make a significant contribution to the conservation of Cardigan Bay’s dolphins, other marine wildlife and the local marine environment. Your support will help us to continue our important research and to inspire visitors through our outreach and awareness raising activities.

You even have the chance to see the Cardigan Bay dolphins on a discounted boat trip in conjunction with Dolphin Survey Boat Trips. You may even spot your adopted dolphin!

How will my money be spent?

Your money and support will help us to –

    • Continue our Cardigan Bay dolphin photo ID work
    • Continue our land and boat based research
    • Develop educational materials and run outreach activities for schools, families and groups
    • Purchase new equipment to help expand our research
    • Develop further research projects
    • Build support for campaigns to protect marine wildlife, and inform marine policy

What’s in the Adoption Pack? 

  • Certificate of adoption (bilingual)
  • Photograph of your adopted dolphin
  • Information booklet on dolphins, harbour porpoise and Atlantic grey seals (bilingual)
  • Welsh cetacean identification guide
  • CBMWC Pen
  • £2.50 voucher towards any Dolphin Survey Boat Trip

People of all ages love dolphins so we offer separate packs for adults and children (under 12 years old).

  • Dolphin cuddly toy (child pack)
  • CBMWC reuseable tote bag (adult pack)
  • CBMWC E-Newsletter (bi-annually)


Click on the thumbnails below to find out more about each dolphin and to purchase your adoption today! 
Cardigan Bay bottlenose dolphin Dylan

Cardigan Bay Dolphin: Dylan

Cardigan Bay Dolphin: Jacky

Cardigan Bay Dolphin: Marissa

Cardigan Bay Dolphin: Cadfael

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