Shoresearch is The Wildlife Trusts’ user-friendly and fun, citizen science project used to record the plants and animals found along the shore. These surveys are a great way for you to explore your local coastline and discover more about our shores, whilst recording information on the animals and plants that you find.

Anyone is welcome to join a Shoresearch survey, which run throughout the year, and we provide training sessions as well as training at the start of each event. Trained volunteers are welcome to join organised surveys but can also carry out their own surveys along their local shoreline.


Biodiversity Survey

We use three different survey methods though not all are used at each event

Time species search – twenty minute search looking for a small number of key plants/animals such as invasive species

Walkover survey – search of the shore with each volunteer recording what they find within their designated area

Biodiversity survey – quadrats are randomly placed along the shore and all plants/animals within each quadrat are recorded.


The valuable data you collect not only builds our knowledge of the marine environment but can also be used to inform conservation decisions at both local and national levels. It helps us monitor change on our shores and provides biological information to counter potential threats to the marine and coastal environment.

Join Us

Interested? Our next Shoresearch Survey is taking place at Llanrhystud Beach on Saturday 7th December, 10am-1pm . For more information click here.