The following are research projects that are being, or have been carried out at or in conjunction with the Cardigan Bay Marine Wildlife Centre.

Working with a local charter boat company Dolphin Survey Boat Trips, our survey trips, funded by the paying public, enable us to collect data on the marine mammals and other marine wildlife that we encounter in a non-intrusive manner.

We are also licensed by Natural Resources Wales to carry out photo-identification on the bottlenose dolphins to produce our annual bottlenose dolphin photo-identification catalogue, providing information on individual dolphins that we have photographed throughout the field season.

Cardigan Bay boat survey

Boat Survey

Each year we carry out boat surveys to gather important information on the local bottlenose dolphin population as well as other species encountered. The research includes taking photo-identification images of the dolphins when we encounter them and recording harbour porpoise and seals as well as unusual seabirds.

Our All Day surveys with Dolphin Survey Boat Trips offer  a great opportunity to see researchers in action and enjoy some of Cardigan Bay’s fantastic sights.

We also work in conjunction with Ceredigion County Council, with CBMWC volunteers manning the New Quay harbour survey site for the council’s “Dolphin Watch” project.

As well as collecting our own data we can support university students to collect data for their undergraduate and masters projects.

Our data has been used in publications including the Atlas of the Marine Mammals of Wales (Countryside Council for Wales, 2009 & 2012) and Monitoring important coastal sites for bottlenose dolphin in Cardigan Bay, UK (Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the UK, 2009)as well as a student University projects.