Seaweed Machine

The SEA-W 500 seaweed machine is a downloadable state-or-the-art seaweed detector that can be powered by kelp, a super fast versatile seaweed! It comes complete with rust proof orange paint made from old orange peels. It can detect up to 8 different seaweeds and is 100% recyclable.

Once downloaded and powered up, it will begin to ask you a series of questions about your seaweed’s size, colour, look and feel. All you have to do is answer the questions the SEA-W 500 asks you about your seaweed. It will then analyze your seaweed and display a fact file once it believes it has discovered which seaweed you have been describing.

Download the SEA-W 500 game >>>

Did you know that you can actually eat the seaweed sea lettuce, but give it a good wash first!
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