Childrens Work

This page is dedicated to displaying some of the pictures, stories, and artwork from the children of local schools and visitors to our marine wildlife centre. Our first story of the year is called “A day in the life of a Hermit crab” by Jacqueline J Roberts. A special thank you to everyone who has drawn a picture for the centre and the website.

A day in the life of a Hermit crab

“This morning when I woke up I found that I’d turned into a Hermit Crab, and I felt the sudden urge for water so I scurried across the bedroom carpet into the bathroom to see if there was any water in the bath…”

Children’s Pictures


Thank you Helen – Megan – Age 9

Orcas – Jasmine Bestwick – Age 11

Dolphins – Lauren Garratt – Age 12

Jellyfish – Chloe Wesley – Age 8