Our work


Our centre raises public awareness of the marine wildlife here in Cardigan Bay through interpretive displays and associated boat trips. It also offers volunteers and students the opportunity to pursue individual studies connected with their academic pursuits.



Volunteers and students are invited to use the centres computers and equipment to create educational material for the wildlife centre and for use in schools and for the website. Feel free to bring any suggestions to the table and create new and exciting projects bringing the marine environment to life.

The centre is currently seeking funding to continue the development of our interpretive displays, public awareness, education and school outreach programme. If you are aware of any funding sources then we would be happy to hear from you.

Education Objectives
  • Develop a school education programme linked directly to the national curriculum
  • Produce interpretation materials on local marine environment
  • Develop a public awareness information programme about the marine environment, the research being conducted, and local conservation issues


The main focus of our research here at the centre is the photo identification of the bottlenose dolphins in Cardigan Bay. Whilst on our boat surveys we collect data on marine widlife including harbour porpoise, Atlantic grey seals, sunfish, jellyfish and other species. Future studies aim to include the monitoring of bird populations and possible use of marine margins by local otter populations. The centre also supports the long term shore based survey in conjunction with Ceredigion County Council. CBMWC volunteers man the New Quay Harbour Wall site primarily from April to October contributing to valuable data on bottlenose dolphin site usage collected since 1994.

Organisations and individuals are encouraged to contact the centre with requests for support in their own research based studies and surveys. This support can be in the form of boat time, office space and volunteer support.

Research Objectives
  • Estimate abundance and distribution of Bottlenose dolphins within Cardigan Bay using photo-identification methods.
  • Identify abundance, distrubution and habitat use of bottlenose dolphins, harbour porpoises and Atlantic grey seals within the Cardigan Bay, using opportunistic boat surveys.
  • Investigate bottlenose dolphin site usage and to monitor interactions with personal water craft within New Quay harbour area.
  • Bathometric surveys of the local area, using sea floor mapping software to relate seabed features to bottlenose dolphin sightings.
  • Acoustic studies of the bottlenose dolphins in Cardigan Bay (collecting whistles and echolocation click recordings).
Northern Gannet/Morus bassanus

In the summer months Gannets can be seen diving into the sea in pursuit of fish

Scientific Surveys

The philosophy behind our boat trips and our collaboration with ‘Dolphin Survey Boat Trips’ is research funded by the paying public. ‘Dolphin Survey Boat Trips’ runs 2, 4 and 8 hour trips during which we follow set routes recording time, speed, weather conditions and sightings of dolphins, porpoise and grey seals.

During encounters we record species numbers, their behaviour and take photo identification images of bottlenose dolphins. A volunteer/ research assistant from the centre collects all the scientific data on each trip.

For information on how to book a ‘Dolphin Survey Boat Trip’ please click here

For information about the boat, MV Sulaire and the facilities avaliable onboard please click here.