West Glamorgan

From the many beautiful coastal reserves around Gower to stunning waterfalls and woodlands, our West Glamorgan reserves are well worth a visit. Managed by staff and volunteers we work hard to make these reserves rich in wildlife.

Llyn Fach, Rhigos Road, Neath Port Talbot

The nature reserve features a large nutrient-poor glacial lake, overlooked by dramatic north-east facing cliffs and scree, dotted with rowan …

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Overton Mere, Overton, Gower, Swansea

Sea cliff, limestone grassland, heath and scrub. The reserve is named after the bay over which it looks. The reserve …

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Sedger’s Bank, Port Eynon, Gower

Description: Rocky foreshore, beach, and relict sand dune grassland. Sedger’s Bank makes up a large part of the most western …

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Port Eynon Point, Port Eynon, Swansea

Description: Sea cliff, foreshore, limestone grassland, heathland, secondary Ash woodland, and quarries. A large part of the reserve on the inland side has been used …

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Bloody Cranesbill Philip Precey

Overton Cliff & Roydon’s Corner, Overton, Gower, Swansea

Description: Sea cliffs, limestone grassland, heath and scrub. Overton Cliff can be accessed from the stile in the south east …

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Weasel Elliot Smith

Long Hole Cliff Overton, Gower, Swansea

Description: Sea cliffs, limestone grassland, heath, and caves. Long Hole Cliff is named after a small cave in the centre …

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Deborah’s Hole, Pilton, Gower, Swansea

Description: Sea cliff, calcareous grassland, and heath. Deborah’s Hole is named after a small inaccessible cave which during archaeological excavations …

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Berry Wood, Knelston, Gower, Swansea

Description: Ancient mixed deciduous woodland. Berry Wood is an example of mixed woodland, rare in this part of Gower, situated on poorly drained glacial drift …

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Pied flycatcher by Margaret Holland

Blaenant y Gwyddyl, Glyneath, Neath, Port Talbot

Description: Ancient upland Oak woodland, stream, and waterfalls. Pied flycatcher by Margaret Holland Blaenant y Gwyddyl is an area of …

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Tawny Owl Damian Waters Drumimages

Bolgoed Quarry, Pontarddulais, Swansea

Description: Bolgoed is an old sandstone quarry, last worked in 1955. Tawny Owl Damian Waters Drumimages The habitat consists of …

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Golden Ringed Dragonfly MJClark

Broad Pool, Cilibion, Gower, Swansea

Description: Broad Pool is a large body of freshwater lying in a shallow basin on the limestone plateau beneath Cefn …

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Frog and spawn

Coed Gawdir, Aberdulais, Neath/Port Talbot

Description: An acidic pond, within an ancient woodland site under restoration. The Trust’s reserve is a small part of a much larger planted ancient woodland …

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Sessile oaks at Penderi Cliffs Nature Reserve

Craig Cilhendre Woods, Pontardawe, Swansea

Description: Craig Cilhendre is upland Oak woodland, part of which is ancient in origin, with some patches of wet woodland, …

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Bluebells © Vaughn Matthews

Cwm Ivy Woods and Betty Church Reserve, Cwm Ivy, Gower, Swansea

Description: Ancient broadleaved woodland, plantation, calcareous pasture and quarry. Cwm Ivy Woods and Betty Church reserve is situated on the …

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Kestrel/windhover by Vaughn Matthews

The Elizabeth and Rowe Harding Nature Reserve, Ilston, Gower, Swansea

Description: Carboniferous limestone quarry, plantation, scrub, and surrounding woodland. The quarry was worked until the middle of 1966, and was …

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Dormouse by Bev Lewis (BWT)

Gelli-Hir Wood, Fairwood Common, Gower, Swansea

Description: Mixed broadleaved and wet woodland, partly ancient, and pond. Dormouse by Bev Lewis (BWT) Gelli-hir is situated on deep glacial drift over Carboniferous grits …

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Treecreeper Bob Coyle

Hambury Wood, Landimore, Gower, Swansea

Description: Ancient woodland on an abandoned sea cliff. Treecreeper Bob Coyle Hambury Wood‚ is dominated by Oak and Ash with an …

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Common toad

Killay Marsh, Dunvant, Swansea

Description: Fen, wet grassland and wet woodland. This urban nature reserve has a rich diversity of habitats which include marsh/marshy …

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Kilvrough Wood

Kilvrough Manor Woods and Redden Hill, Parkmill, Gower, Swansea

Description: Ancient Ash woodland and Beech plantation. Kilvrough Manor Woods comprises two areas of woodland, on either side of the …

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Marbled white butterfly

Llanrhidian Hill, Llanrhidian, Gower, Swansea

Description: Limestone grassland, scrub, and quarries. Much of the site occupies a steep north-facing slope on Carboniferous limestone, giving fine views overlooking the Burry Estuary. …

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Yellow Flag Iris

The Lucas Reserve, Frog Lane, Llanmadoc, Gower, Swansea

Description: Wet woodland, grassland and scrub. The Lucas Reserve is a long meadow sloping northwards down to Burry Pill. Most …

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Melincwrt Waterfall

Melincwrt Waterfalls, Resolven, Neath, Port Talbot

Please Note: The Nature Reserve and Falls will be closed from Tuesday  13th – Thursday 15th July for commercial filming …

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Wild Garlic Paul Lane

Peel Wood, Oystermouth, Swansea

Important Notice We are sorry but at the present time we have decided to close this nature reserve to the …

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Meadow at Prior's Wood

Prior’s Wood and Meadow, Three Crosses, Gower, Swansea

Important Update: The woodland paths in Prior’s Wood and Meadow are currently closed to the public. The ride at the bottom of the woods and …

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reed bunting by Amy Lewis

Red Jacket Fen, Llandarcy, Neath/Port Talbot

Description: Open water, lowland fen, and wet woodland. reed bunting by Amy Lewis This is a lowland fen situated in …

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Redley Cliff

Redley Cliff, Caswell Bay, Gower, Swansea

Description: Coastal limestone headland, with secondary broadleaved woodland, scrub, and grassland. Redley Cliff lies on the limestone headland at the …

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