Welcome to our new island wardens

This year is seeing some significant changes to staff on Skomer and Skokholm Islands as Chris and Jerry both leave for pastures new we have not two new wardens starting but four!

Many of you will hopefully seen or heard Giselle Eagle and Richard Brown on a variety of programmes, from BBC Breakfast (link to YouTube recording) and Radio Four's Saturday Live (link to YouTube recording), they have also appeared in a variety of other press from BBC Wales website to the Northern Echo.

Richard and Giselle

Richard and Giselle

Richard and Giselle have had some great experience of working on Welsh islands, including Bardsey and Skomer, so they should feel very much at home out on Skokholm Island.

Richard said: "We're very excited about this opportunity and couldn't be happier just sharing our lives with birds and wildlife.

"The island is very fragile – it's a site of special scientific interest and contains really important vegetation which we will also be monitoring, as well as keeping an eye on the dolphins, seals, porpoises and even the insects."

Richard became interested in wildlife after joining the local Wildlife Trust Watch group in Northallerton.

He met Miss Eagle, 27, three years ago in Great Yarmouth while she was trying to track down a lost colony of migrating terns.

The couple have since spent two years living together on Bardsey Island, off the coast of North Wales.

She said: “When we first met I'd never been on an island before - it'd never entered my head that I'd end up living on one. I've always loved wildlife.

“But now I'm hooked on both island life and Richard, he's my boyfriend and I'm glad to share his way of life with him.”

Eddie and Bee

Eddie and Bee

On Skomer we also have a  new pair of wardens, Birgitta Bueche and Eddie Stubbings are keen to start their new lives out on this stunning island. They both currently live out on Norfolk's very remote Blakeney Point, almost harder to get to than Skomer.

Their passion for wildlife is long lived, Bee (as Birgitta likes to be known) grew up near the Swiss Alps and has a long held love for wildlife as a consequence. Richard works as a warden out on Blakeney Point which should be good training for living and working out on Skomer.

Eddie said: “My present job is almost a lot more isolated even though it is not quite an island.

“It’s a spit, a finger of land that comes off the main land and we are right on the end.”

“In a way I might have to get used to the buzz of the people on the island.

“So it won’t be quite as lonely as you’d think.

“People will probably find it amusing that you can get more isolated than an island.”

The trip to their new home might not be so much fun as they head over the sometimes choppy Jack Sound.

“I get sea sick when I go on boats,” Bee said.

“These things you have to live with.”

Eddie and Bee will be starting with the Trust in February and heading out on their new adventure in March.