The Water Framework Directive – Have your Say

The Water Framework Directive places a duty on the Welsh Government to ensure that the ecology of water bodies such as rivers, streams and lakes reach as high a quality as possible. Over the past six years WTSWW has been working hard to drive the Water Framework Directive so it can deliver even more for our water environment and all the wildlife that depends on it.

The confluence of the rivers Cothi and Twrch

The confluence of the rivers Cothi and Twrch

The Environment Agency Wales (EAW), who is leading on delivery of the Water Framework Directive, has announced a public consultation that gives each person in Wales an opportunity to have their say on how the Water Framework Directive should be delivered in future.  Importantly it will also give an opportunity to say how EAW should work with others to achieve this.

The Working Together Consultation is available online or a paper copy can be ordered by contacting 01244 894554. Time is short and the deadline for responding is the 22nd of December 2012.

WTSWW believes that the Water Framework Directive has a crucial role to play in nature conservation in Wales over the next decade and we will be making this point clear in our consultation response. WTSWW would also like to see more funding being made available from the Welsh Government to support freshwater, marine and wetland conservation projects.

To help us make these points and to stand up for wildlife, please do take the time to respond to the Working Together Consultation.  If you require any assistance please speak to:

Rob Parry

Conservation Manager