Support from a Landscape Artist

Take me to the wilderness - By Anne Marie Foley

Take me to the wilderness – By Anne Marie Foley

Winter Tree - By Anne Marie Foley

Winter Tree – By Anne Marie Foley

Anne Marie Foley is an artist from Gloucestershire, England who paints the natural world. Her landscape artwork is mostly about nature and the environment and she has very kindly offered to donate 10% of her sales to The Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales.

Anne Marie says:

"Its just my small way of giving something to wildlife and the environment and I want to contribute as best as I can to sustain it for future generations."

Anne Marie explains that for her art is a way for her to communicate an emotion and she uses colour and shapes to express that. She says:

"I am influenced by the natural world and the impact we have on it, needless to say I have a concern about climate change and how we are tackling it
I like to think we could live in harmony with nature rather than fighting against it. The beauty of wild landscapes is what excites me and I am passionate about anything that portrays an air of mystery, storytelling, dreams and adventure and I like to create other worlds by painting these stories and dreams."

You can browse Anne Marie's artwork via her website.

We would like to say a big thank you to Anne Marie for donating to us and helping us ensure wildlife and the natural environment can be enjoyed by future generations to come.