Skomer Photography Workshop 1st May

The Skomer Photography Workshops kicked off last Thursday and the rain cleared after the intro talk at the farmhouse and the sun shone for the rest of the day. Numerous puffins posed for us at the Wick with many pairs rubbing their bills to reinforce their bond.  A few were opening and closing their beaks in a threat display to humans as well as doing a comical foot-stomp near a burrow to show that this was their territory. The bluebells have started to flower already, a full five weeks before last year and about three weeks before an average year. The fulmars performed a masterclass in aerial flight, providing the perfect opportunity for the group to practice in-flight shots with the Atlantic grey seals were hauled-out below them on the beach in North Haven.  Many thanks to Lynne, Laura, Andrea and Chris for their great company.


Atlantic grey seals hauled out on North Haven beach, Skomer