Skokholm Island 2011

This has been an astonishing year on Skokholm Island, off the coast of Pembrokeshire. Two significant pieces of work have been happening; the restoration of the island buildings we own and at the same time the Appeal to purchase and restore the island's lighthouse and surrounding land.

Skokholm cottage roof on

Skokholm cottage roof on

An amazing group of people have been assisting us in this significant undertaking, the Friends of the Islands have really been a dedicated group who, with Island Warden Jerry, have been overseeing the work and fundraising for the cottage and accomodation block.

The work was started in 2010 and will continue on into 2012, this will ensure that we have comfortable accomodation for people to stay in whilst they enjoy the spectacular wildlife.

Melodious Warbler Jerry Gillham

Melodious Warbler Jerry Gillham

At the same time work is happening on the islands records. As Skokholm was once a Bird Observatory and records have been maintained for over 60 years we have a fascinating collection.

A volunteer, with the support of Environment Wales money, has now taken on the task of putting this into some sort of order. This will also mean that we will have an accessible set of records in the future.

This is a key element of our ongoing conservation management as what has happened historically informs what we do in the future.

Lighthouse at sunset D  Milborrow

Lighthouse at sunset D Milborrow

We have of course launched our major Skokholm Appeal this year. This has been a busy time with media visiting the island and responding to many enquiries.

At this stage we have reached an astonishing £159,000 which means we can purchase the lighthouse and land, we have money to finish of the cottage and accomodation and to start the renovation work on the lighthouse.

We still have some way to go to achieve our £250,000 which is essential in order that we can make the lighthouse useable but we feel that with the amazing support we have received so far this is achievable. If you wish to donate please do go to our Skokholm pages.

And of course in amongst all this we have been carrying on with the essential conservation work on the island. The ongoing recording and management is essential to maintain Skokholm's incredible wildlife. Just a small flavour of the happenings on the island.